Celebrating Our Latina STYLE Top 50 Achievement with Isadora Badi

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Wyndham Worldwide was recently named to the Latina STYLE Top 50 Companies for Latinas list. With operations across six continents, Wyndham Worldwide embraces inclusion in the workplace and offers a variety of programs for all of its employees including ¡Fuerte!,one of our Associate Business Groups (ABGs) where employees  share their unique insights of the Hispanic culture, make meaningful impacts on the business and provide strategic contributions to the success of the Company.

To celebrate this achievement, our proud New Jersey Chapter Past-President of ¡Fuerte!, Isadora Badi, shared her experience at Wyndham and what being named to this list means to her and the Company.

Tell us about your role.

I oversee brand marketing programs for Wyndham Hotel Group’s upscale and lifestyle brands. That includes setting brand identity and positioning as well as implementing campaigns that drive business to our properties. I work with our internal teams as well as agencies to execute our creative and media strategy, promotions and support the development of new brand standards and guest experience programs.

You’ve been involved in ¡Fuerte!, Wyndham Worldwide’s Associate Business Group, which is focused on creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Tell us how that has been beneficial to your career?

Leading ¡Fuerte! for one year as President of the New Jersey Chapter was a fantastic experience. I worked with a great team who delivered impactful education and career-development opportunities, as our Spanish Summer Courses in the Parsippany campus. I also had a lot of fun in events that celebrated the unique cultures that make up the Latino community in the United States. Thinking about our salsa flash mob in the cafeteria still brings a smile to my face.

What do you think is the greatest impact Wyndham’s focus on diversity, including the Hispanic market, has on its customers, partners, and associates?

At Wyndham Worldwide, a diverse background is seen as a valuable asset that helps drive the business forward. This inclusive, multicultural approach translates to the way we act and communicate, giving us an edge to truly connect with consumers and communities around us.

Wyndham was recently named to the Latina Style Top 50 Companies for Latinas. What does that distinction mean to you as a Wyndham associate?

As a Wyndham associate, seeing our company as part of this list shows that our organization is committed to having a truly global workforce and celebrates our company’s diversity. I hope this prestigious distinction will help us attract even more talented Latinas to the team!