Water Conservation

Each of Wyndham Destinations three business units is concentrating on ways to reduce water used throughout its portfolio of brands and corporate office space. Through our water conservation programs, we strive to use products and implement services that promote cleaner water as well as more conservative and efficient consumption.

Wyndham Destinations set 2010 as a baseline year and tracks performance against the baseline using consumption per square foot. In 2015 the water usage per square foot reflects an 18% improvement over the 2010 baseline. The Company will continue to implement water saving measures throughout its portfolio in an effort to reach a reduction target of 25% per square foot by 2025.



Currently our focus is on driving performance and reducing water consumption at our locations that present the most opportunity for improvement while maintaining our standard targeted reduction at the remaining locations in the owned, managed and leased portfolio.


Water Conservation Projects

All Wyndham Destinations hotels, including franchise locations, vacation rentals, vacation exchange properties and vacation ownership properties around the world are encouraged to use low flow showerheads, faucet aerators and consider other conservation options, including low flow toilets and urinals. Additionally, they are encouraged to minimize water loss due to low quality landscaping management practices. Guest sustainability programs, in particular, are a priority for the Company. By participating in our towel and linen re-use program at our approximately 7,600 hotels, guests can choose not to have their linens and towels laundered every day – reducing both water and energy consumption.

  • The Wyndham Destinations in Austin, Texas, implemented an Aqua Grey Water Recycling program which reuses the relatively clean waste water from appliances, such as sinks and washing machines, to minimize water usage. As a result, about 70% of laundry water was saved and reused for other operating purposes from March 2009 to March 2010.
  • Wyndham Destinations corporate offices in Orlando, Fla., implemented a new policy for new construction and build-outs, which requires low flow toilets, urinals and sinks to be installed. It has been estimated that these fixtures reduce water consumption by 20%.
  • In 2013, Wyndham Destinations conducted a water risk assessment for owned, managed and leased properties. We also engage at the local level to mitigate potential risks related to water scarcity and droughts. In Australia, a country with the highest drought risk, we focus on innovation. For example, at one of our Tasmanian resorts, we built a wastewater treatment plant to conserve and reduce water. The plant uses ultraviolet light to process sewage and then uses it to irrigate the landscape. The treated effluent is then drip irrigated through the sub-soil to promote growth and reduce overall resort water consumption.