Advancing sustainability operations and practices aligns with our core values as a global corporate citizen, and is placed among the top five strategic intents at Wyndham Destinations. To drive this progress, dedicated Green Councils and teams have been established throughout the Company, to align strategies and tactics, and share ideas and best practices.

Wyndham Destinations has a dedicated sustainability department led by Faith Taylor, senior vice president of corporate responsibility. Under the program name Wyndham Green, the team oversees the development of policies and strategy, facilitates the sharing of best practices and coordinates initiatives across the enterprise, while building and aligning internal and external resources and partners. The department also oversees the tracking and measuring of the carbon footprint, legislative compliance and public reporting of the Wyndham Destinations program.

At the global level, the Wyndham Destinations includes representatives from across the Company, including Wyndham Destinations Corporate Services and each of the business units. The Green Council is comprised of more than 250 associates from cross-functional departments in each business unit in more than 20 countries. The goals of the global collaboration and integration are to achieve results, both locally and globally, through recognized best practices to drive end results. Innovations, experience and best practices are regularly shared across the company and published in various reports to communicate results.

Each business unit has a dedicated plan specific to their operations while also aligned with the overall Wyndham Destinations global program. Additionally, Wyndham Destinations has implemented a Green Franchisee Advisory Board that is tasked with providing guidance and input into sustainable programs and initiatives for the independently owned and operated franchised hotels.

The executive sustainability leadership council consists of executive officers, senior leadership members, key leaders from each business unit with representation from areas including operations, legal, finance, corporate communications, human resources and information technology (IT). This council meets quarterly to develop and implement the Wyndham Destinations strategies and initiatives, as well as track program progress for each business.