Recycle and Re-Use

Waste is a complex global challenge with far reaching and long lasting impact. It is a major environmental impact of the hospitality industry throughout the world. Waste costs are increasing due to diminishing landfill space, while legislation for diversion is becoming increasingly stringent. Our waste reduction goal is to advance best practices and engage associates to reduce, re-use, donate and recycle waste from our properties and corporate facilities.


Although measuring, monitoring and reducing waste to landfill continues to be a considerable challenge, we have embarked on a journey to minimize waste to landfill. Our plan is simple. We are rolling out a program to reduce, donate and recycle using tools and strategic partnerships to support property participation across all business units globally. The program focuses on all of Wyndham’s relevant waste streams which include: glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, soap, food, organics, kitchen grease, lamps, batteries, e-waste, mattresses, furniture, linens and carpet.


Embarking on Our Waste Journey

At corporate headquarters, Wyndham Destinations has partnered with Waste Management Inc. to recycle products at the corporate facilities. To date, it is estimated that the Company saved:

  • 7,425,139 kwh of electricity (enough to power 626 homes for a full year)
  • 21,684 mature trees (enough to produce 268,654,392 million sheets of newspaper)
  • 8,411,585 million gallons of fresh water (enough to meet daily water needs of 9,345 people for a year)


Waste Reduction through Education

On October 9, 2014, Wyndham Destinations celebrated its 3rd annual Wyndham Destinations Green Day. The theme of the event was Waste Minimization and Recycling which aligned with our recent focus in this area. All business units, including corporate headquarters, hotels, and resorts, held unique celebrations promoting education and personal responsibility focused on waste management. Among other activities, associates were asked to make a pledge to reduce landfill space.